Thursday, September 28, 2023
Orem Reads Activity

Activity 6: Read Louisa May Alcott’s Thrillers

“The minute her cap began to bob like a top-heavy dahlia, I whipped The Vicar of Wakefield out of my pocket, and read away, with one eye on him and one on Aunt.”

 Jo, Chapter 4, “Burdens”


Learn about or read one of Louisa May Alcott’s thrillers (links below).

Once you’ve completed this activity, find the corresponding sticker from your sticker sheet and add it to your quilt. Email a photo of the finished quilt to by October 17 to be entered into a drawing for Little Women prizes.


Louisa May Alcott Unmasked (F Alcott)

The Early Stories of Louisa May Alcott, 1852-1860 (F Alcott)

Crime Reads article

The Mysterious Key and What it Opened

A Modern Mephistopheles and A Whisper in the Dark


A sad product of war is the widows and women who lost their beaus. Nearly two million men and boys lost their lives as a result of the Civil War. One “old maid” was Varina Anne Davis, youngest daughter of President Jefferson who was born in 1864 and was called the “Daughter of the Confederacy.” She fell in love in the 1880s with New Yorker Alfred Wilkinson, son of Louisa May Alcott’s first cousin and grandson of abolitionist Samuel J. May. The match was most unsuitable by Confederacy standards. After a five year betrothal, they broke off their engagement and neither ever married. 

Information from C&T Publishing

Old Maid’s Puzzle
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