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Orem Reads Activity

Activity 7: Listen to One of Beth’s Favorite Composers

“Quite by accident, of course, some pretty, easy music lay on the piano, and with trembling fingers and frequent stops to listen and look about, Beth at last touched the great instrument, and straightway forgot her fear, herself, and everything else but the unspeakable delight which the music gave her, for it was like the voice of a beloved friend.”

Chapter 6, “Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful”


The March girls loved to sing together, and Beth loved playing the piano.  Some composers she would have enjoyed include Chopin, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, and Grieg. Learn a piece by one of these composers. Alternatively, if you prefer to sing, learn a song from one of the folk song collections found at Orem Library (below).

Once you’ve completed this activity, find the corresponding sticker from your sticker sheet and add it to your quilt. Email a photo of the finished quilt to by October 17 to be entered into a drawing for Little Women prizes.


Orem Library sheet music collection (789s)

Library Music Source

American Panorama (789.9862 R634)

Campfire Folk Songs (789.2 C154)

A Prairie Home Companion Folk Song Book (789.2 P1941)

Songs of the Civil War (789.3 Si321)


This block has reference to the presidential platform on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building. It is also known as Hole in the Barn Door, Shoo-fly, and Sherman’s March.

Information from C&T Publishing

Lincoln’s Platform
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