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Activity 10: Learn About Civil War Quilts

“They adopted Jo’s plan of dividing the long seams into four parts, and calling the quarters Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, and in that away got on capitally, especially when they talked about the different countries as they stitched their way through them.”

Chapter 1, “Playing Pilgrims”


Sewing and mending was a big part of Louisa’s and the March family life.  They made their own dresses and household linens and blankets. Learn more about quilts from the Civil War era here.

If you’d like to learn more, the Orem Library has several books with quilt designs from the Civil War era. Check out a book and make a block of your choosing. You can turn it into a hot pad or make several blocks for a table topper. If you’d like to share a picture of your project, use #OremReads2020.

Once you’ve completed this activity, find the corresponding sticker from your sticker sheet and add it to your quilt. Email a photo of the finished quilt to by October 17 to be entered into a drawing for Little Women prizes.


Jane Stickle quilt, a famous quilt from Louisa’s time

Quilts from the Civil War: 9 projects – 746.46 B725

Civil War Anniversary Quilts – 746.4609 Y882

Civil War Quilts – 746.4609 W4187

Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts – 746.46 C431

Big Book of Civil War Quilts – 746.46 B4801


Both the North and the South showed their patriotism with the red, white, and blue in everything from dresses and suits to socks and buntings. This pattern, which was one of the earliest published color quilt patterns, appeared in Peterson’s Magazine in July, 1861. It originally had 34 stars on a blue field stitched on a red and white striped background.

Information from C&T Publishing

Stars and Stripes
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