Monday, August 08, 2022
Orem Reads Activity

Activity 2: Recreate a Scene

“Do it this way. Clasp your hands so, and stagger across the room, crying frantically, ‘Roderigo, save me! Save me!” 

Jo, Chapter 1, “Playing Pilgrims”


Recreate a scene from Little Women with stuff you have at home. Are you feeling a bit more ambitious? Try putting on your own play. Look below for links to royalty-free plays. If you’d like to share a picture of your scene, use #OremReads2020.

Once you’ve completed this activity, find the corresponding sticker from your sticker sheet and add it to your quilt. Email a photo of the finished quilt to by October 17 to be entered into a drawing for Little Women prizes.


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Wilmer McLean used to say the Civil War began and ended at his house, which was located near the Manassas battlefield. In the summer of 1861, a loose cannonball from that battle crashed into the chimney and fell into a pot of warming stew.  The family later moved to a small community called Appomattox Court House. It is the McLean parlor where the signing of terms of surrender took place. The Court House Square block dates to the 1840s. 

Information from C&T Publishing

Court House Square
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