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Orem Reads Activity

Activity 4: Little Women Recipe

“The—the jelly won’t jell and I don’t know what to do!” 

Meg, Chapter 28, “Domestic Experiences”


The Orem Library has several books that feature recipes from the time of Little Women. Check out a cookbook below or try one of the featured recipes from the Orem Library blog. If you’d like to share a picture of your finished dish, use #OremReads2020.

Once you’ve completed this activity, find the corresponding sticker from your sticker sheet and add it to your quilt. Email a photo of the finished quilt to by October 17 to be entered into a drawing for Little Women prizes.


The Little Women Cookbook – 641.5974 M795

Louisa May Alcott Cookbook – J 641.5973 An23

The Little Women Book – J 649.51 P382

At the Table: Orem Library Blog

10 Recipes Inspired by Little Women

A Collection of Little Women Recipes

Little Women Recipes from Pinterest


This block with its red cross honors the women of the U.S. Sanitary Commision, the predecessor of the American Red Cross. Their mission was to help sick and wounded soliders. Up to this point, there was no organized medical care for sick and wounded soldiers. Inspired by Florence Nightingale’s work in the Crimea, the Sanitary Commission volunteers collected blankets, medical supplies, bandages, food, and clothing. Soon after, they were given responsibility for the military hospitals and medical care. Local branches were established in communities all over the northern states, where women gathered to sew blankets, supplies, and clothing.

Information from C&T Publishing

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